Arizona’s Swanberg named 2018 AJHA Rising Scholar

05 Sep 2018 11:59 AM | Dane Claussen

The editors of American Journalism, the peer-reviewed quarterly journal of the American Journalism Historians Association, have announced Dr. Susan E. Swanberg of the University of Arizona’s School of Journalism as the winner of the 2018 Rising Scholar Award.

Swanberg received this honor in recognition for her ongoing research titled “Spinning Science: Journalism’s Role at the Interface of Science and Public Policy During the Birth of the Atomic Age.” "I'm honored and thrilled to be the recipient of an AJHA Rising Scholar Award,” Swanberg said. “With this award I'll be able to visit archives crucial to my research on journalism’s role at the interface of science and public policy during the birth of the atomic age. I look forward to sharing the untold history of science journalism in the early years of the Atomic Era.

“I've found AJHA members to be supportive, collegial and inclusive colleagues as well as wonderful scholars. Thank you AJHA for your support! I will use this award wisely and well."

Swanberg’s research will examine not only the impact of journalism on science policy in the mid-20th century, but also the lasting effect of the work of key scientific journalists on today’s scientific landscape.

Dr. Vanessa Murphree, associate editor of American Journalism and professor at The University of Southern Mississippi, said this trajectory distinguished Swanberg’s research from the field of Rising Scholar Award candidates. “Dr. Swanberg has developed an important and timely research agenda that examines the knowledge gap between scientists and the public,” Murphree said. “She further examines how this lack of information influences expertise influences policy development in important areas such as energy, climate, public health, space exploration and other important scientific matters.”

The Rising Scholar Award winner is chosen annually by the editors of American Journalism. The award is designed for scholars who show promise in extending their research agendas.

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