38th Annual AJHA Convention
Dallas, TX   |   Oct. 3-5, 2019

Convention contacts

Convention Coordinator
Caryl Cooper
University of Alabama

Registration Coordinator
Ken Ward
Lamar University

Program Coordinator
Aimee Edmondson

Ohio University

Convention hosts

Erika Pribanic-Smith
University of Texas at Arlington

Melita Garza
Texas Christian University

James Mueller
University of North Texas

Research in Progress

Evolutions in Journalism: Technology, Education, Business

Moderator: Erin Coyle, Louisiana State

Ken J. Ward, Lamar University, “Mapping Bridges and Bonds: Bringing Social Capital Theory and Data Visualization to Journalism History Research

Will Mari, Louisiana State University, and Perry Parks, Michigan State University, “Teaching CAR: The Computer-Assisted Reporting Movement as Seen in Journalism Textbooks, c. 1980-2000”

Gerry Lanosga, Indiana University, “A Contest for ‘Craftsmen’ or a Prize for Professionalism? The American Newspaper Guild’s Trailblazing Awards for Local Journalists”

George L. Daniels, University of Alabama, “Lee Barrow: The Man Behind a 40-Year Effort to Diversify Media Education”

Stephynie Perkins and Brian Thornton, University of North Florida, “Poems, Prayers, Letters and Calls for Calm, Grieving MLK's Murder: A Study of the Editorial Pages of Five Black Newspapers in 1968”

Lorraine Ahearn, University of South Alabama, “Befo’ de war': Nostalgic ex-slave narratives in post-Reconstruction Northern newspapers”

J. Ian Tennant, Wichita State University, “Kansas newspapers cover ‘new media’: Telegraph and radio”

Connor Harrison, Boston University, “How Bill Simmons Brought New Journalism to Podcasting”

Denise Hill, Elon University, “Kendrix Komments: An Analysis of Moss Kendrix's Atlanta Daily World Columns”

Willie R. Tubbs, University of West Florida, “Missing Portraits: Sports Hero Stories in Vietnam Era Reporting”

Tim Moran, Wayne State University, “The insolence of your proposition ...": Victor Lawson and the business of 19th century news

Exploring Boundaries in Contested Spaces

Moderator: Keith Greenwood, Missouri

Wayne Svoboda, CUNY, “Judy Klemesrud of the New York Times: Feminist, Advocacy Journalist, Barenaked Lady and Bareknuckled Brawler"

Bailey Dick and Natascha Toft Roelsgaard, Ohio University, “The Construction of the Female Deviant: Women Offenders at Blackwell's Island”

Janice Hume, University of Georgia, “Contested Memory: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank”

Michael Fuhlhage, Wayne State University, “George Nicholas Sanders: Confederate Propagandist and Operative”

Jason Lee Guthrie, Samford University, “"Bring Home to Us the Terrible Reality’: Photojournalism During the American Civil War”

Elisabeth Fondren, St. John's University, “’The Mirror with a Memory:’ The Great War Through the Lens of Percy Brown, British Correspondent and Photojournalist”

Joseph Makkos, Louisiana State University, “From the Weather Frog to the Confederate Column: Political Cartooning and Editorial Voicing in the Daily Picayune”

Cayce Myers, Virginia Tech, “British Publicity Agents: Antecedents to the Modern Public Relations Practitioner, 1907-1945”

Helen Elaine Wilds, Middle Tennessee State University, “Gendered Space: NASA Women in the Media, 1958-1990”

Rachel Grant, University of Florida, “’The Primary Contradiction We Live With. It is Not the Only Contradiction:’ Feminist Media in Iowa City’s Ain’t I a Woman?, 1970-1974”

Melita M. Garza, Texas Christian University, “Gladwin Hill and ‘The Wetbacks’: The New York Times and the Making of the Mexican Migrant Security Threat”

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