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Board of Directors, 2019-2020

Kathy Bradshaw, 2017-2020
Bowling Green State University

Candi Carter Olson, 2017-2020
Utah State University

Teri Finneman, 2019-2022
University of Kansas

Michael Fuhlhage, 2019-2022
Wayne State University

Gerry Lanosga, 2018-2021
Indiana University Media School

Gwyneth Mellinger, 2019-2022
James Madison University

Sonny Rhodes, 2017-2020
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Will Tubbs, 2018-2021
University of West Florida

Ken Ward, 2018-2021
Lamar University


Ex-Officio Board Members

Ross Collins
Former President
North Dakota State University

Dianne Bragg
Former President
University of Alabama

Rich Shumate
Web Editor
Western Kentucky University

Ford Risley

Editor, American Journalism

Pennsylvania State University

Melony Shemberger
Editor, Intelligencer
Murray State University

Dale Cressman
AJHA Historian
Brigham Young University

Lisa Parcell
Finance Officer

Wichita State University

Ken Ward
Convention Registrar
Lamar University

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