39th Annual AJHA Convention
Virtual Conference   |   Oct. 2-3, 2020

Convention contacts

Convention Coordinator
Caryl Cooper
University of Alabama

Registration Coordinator
Ken Ward
Lamar University

Program Coordinator
Mike Conway

Indiana University

Research in Progress

RESEARCH IN PROGRESS: Reexamining Race and Gender in American Journalism & Literature History
Room A

Moderator: Will Mari, Louisiana State University

Dorothy Bland, University of North Texas. “Mapping the Legacy of Earl Graves, Sr., and Black Enterprise”

Natascha Toft Roelsgaard, Ohio University. “‘Seeking No Favors’: Mary Church Terrell and the NACW's Anti-Convict Leasing Campaign”

Claire Rounkles, Ohio University. “Another Echo for Change: The Anti-lynching Campaign of Harry C. Smith and the Cleveland Gazette from 1888-1932”

Raymond McCaffrey, University of Arkansas. “Orval E. Faubus, Editor and Publisher and Governor: The Path from Small-Town Newspaper Owner to National Segregationist Leader”

Amy Mattson Lauters, Minnesota State University, Mankato. "‘All Men are Brothers’: Rose Wilder Lane and the Erasure of Race in Her American Ideological Rhetoric”

Julien Gorbach, University of Hawaii at Manoa. “Black Mask’s KKK Issue and the Connections Between Hardboiled Fiction and Journalism”

Carolina Velloso, University of Maryland, College Park. “Race Films and the Black Press: Representation and Resistance”

Pamela Walck, Duquesne University, and Ashley Walter, Pennsylvania State University.Jane Bull and G.I. Jane: A Transnational Look at How Newspapers Reported the Shifting Roles of Women During World War II”

Dana Dabek, Temple University. “Covering the Second Wave: Grace Lichtenstein, The New York Times, and the National Organization for Women”

RESEARCH IN PROGRESS: War, Peace, Politics, and Governance
Room B

Moderator:  Madeleine Liseblad, Middle Tennessee State University

Elisabeth Fondren, St. John’s University, and Meghan Menard McCune, Louisiana State University. “‘Splendid Patriotism Under Fire’: U.S. Correspondents and German Censors in Berlin during the Great War (1915-1917)”

Tim Klein, Louisiana State University. “State-run Journalism During the 1974 Ethiopian Revolution”

J. Ian Tennant, Wichita State University. “Erna Prather Harris: An ‘Actionist’ for Journalism and World Peace”

Owen V. Johnson, Indiana University. “Media & Nation in 20th Century Slovakia”

Ken J. Ward, Lamar University. “No Editor is an Island: Toward a Networked Understanding of the Expansion of Newspapers across the American Frontier”

Erin Coyle, Temple University, and Ayla Oden, Louisiana State University. “In the Words of Our Fathers: An Historical Analysis of U.S. Constitution Framers’ Writings and U.S. Supreme Court Opinions About Free Expression”

Melony Shemberger, Murray State University. “The National Educational Radio Network: An Historical Examination of a Tape Service’s Educational Radio Programming in Formal Education”

Pete Smith, Mississippi State University. “‘The Unfortunate Dilemma’: The Broadcast Industry Blacklist, the American Dream Myth, and the Case of Philip Loeb”

Jason Lee Guthrie, Clayton State University, and Amber Roessner, University of Tennessee. “Capricorn, Carter, and Copyright: Phil Walden and the Transformation of ‘Showbiz Politics’”

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