37th Annual AJHA Convention
Salt Lake City   |   Oct. 4-6, 2018

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Caryl Cooper
University of Alabama

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Ken Ward
Lamar University

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Donna Lampkin Stephens
University of Central Arkansas

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University of Utah
Kimberley Mangun
David Vergobbi
Glen Feighery

Research in Progress

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Media Boundaries: Practices, Controls, and Impact

Moderator: Keith Greenwood, Missouri

Adam Silvia, Library of Congress, “Photojournalism in a Factory Town: W. Eugene Smith, Aileen Smith and Takeshi Ishikawa in Minamata, Japan”

Erin Coyle and Elisabeth Fondren, Louisiana State, “Encountering The ‘Other’ and Lifting The Iron Curtain: American Newspaper Editors’ Global Campaigns for Press Freedom, 1962-1989” 

Patrick Wilz, Minnesota, “Programming Purity: New Technology, Newsrooms and the Computerization of Journalism in the United States and Britain from 1970-1995”

Jennifer Moore, Minnesota-Duluth, “Picturing Creative Nonfiction Through the Political Cartooning of Thomas Nast” 

Michael Fuhlhage, Wayne State, “Surmounting News Censorship During the American Civil War”

Michael T. Martinez, Tennessee, “Managing the President's Image: Controlling News Photographers' Access to the President” 

Patrick File, Nevada-Reno, “Picturing the Future: Press Responses to the Legal Problems of Photography, 1885-1910”

Tracy Lucht, Iowa State, “Leading from the Heartland: Midwestern Women’s Influence on Early Radio and Television”

William Mari, Northwest, “Uncovering Gendered Newsroom Labor with Technology, c. 1950-1990”

David Wallace, South Carolina Upstate, “Public Relations, the WRA, and Japanese American Internment“

Framing Positions and Identity in Media

Moderator: Maurine Beasley, Professor Emerita, University of Maryland

Christina Littlefield, Pepperdine, “Social Gospel Muckrakers”

David Davies, Southern Mississippi, “A Railroadman's Anti-Communism Crusade: L.E. Faulkner and the Bill Smith Letters” 

John Coward, Tulsa, “Red Power Rising: Jerry Gambill’s Akwesasne Notes

Julie B. Lane, Boise State, “The Public Speaks: Letters to the Editor About ‘The Last Days of Joe McCarthy’" 

Melony Shemberger, Murray State, “’Ideal Press Work’: An Examination of Suffrage Press Superintendents in Kentucky”

Pamela E. Walck and Ashley Walter, Duquesne, “More Than Paper: Newspaper Dolls, WWII Propaganda and the Shaping of Female Identity” 

Raymond McCaffrey, Arkansas, “A History of Fallen Photojournalists: Stories About Risk, Daring and the Hero Myth”

Scott Morton, Catawba, “The Siren of Radio Pyongyang: An Examination of American Print Coverage of the Korean War’s Seoul City Sue” 

Susan E. Swanberg, Arizona, “What Did They Know and When Did They Know It? A Retrospective on The Science News-Letter's Coverage Concerning Health Effects of Atomic Radiation on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Residents”

Teri Finneman, Kansas, “A First Lady, A Funeral & A Legacy: Press Coverage of the Death of Sarah Polk”

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