34th Annual AJHA Convention
Oklahoma City   |   Oct. 8-10, 2015

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Challenging the Media: From World War I to the Bicentennial
Centennial Ballroom

Moderator: Patrick Cox, University of Texas (emeritus)

Jason Lee Guthrie, Georgia, “Science and Useful Arts: A Revisionist History of American Copyright Law”

Erin Coyle & Ellada Gamreklidze, Louisiana State, “Miranda v. Arizona and the People's Right to Know”

Willie Tubbs, Southern Mississippi, “All American Boys: The Nisei Soldier in the Media, 1941-1955”

Jonathan Marshall, Northwestern, “Heroes and Villains: Sportswriters, Steroids, and Baseball's Field of Nightmares”

Thomas Hrach, Memphis, “From Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali: What Took the News Media So Long to Make the Switch”

Brooke Kroeger, NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, “The Whim to Impress: Why a Men's League for Women's Suffrage”

Carolyn L. Kitch, Temple, “The Nation's Stamp of Approval: The 1976 Women's Campaign for the ERA”

Michael Jerard Fuhlhage, Wayne State, “The Short, Happy Life of the Cincinnati Daily Unionist”

Jane Marcellus, Middle Tennessee State, “The Journalists and the Club Women: The New York Herald Tribune Women's Conference on Current Problems in the 1930s and 1940s”

Telling Stories: From Major Metropolitan Newspapers to Alternative Media
Grand Ballroom A-B

Moderator: Michael Martinez, University of Tennessee

Janice Hume, Georgia, “In Memoriam: News Industry Death Stories and Journalism Values”

Pete Smith, Mississippi State, “A Life of Firsts: Local, State, and National Press Coverage of the Political Career of Mississippi's Evelyn Gandy, 1947-1983”

Ulf Jonas Bjork, Indiana - Purdue-Indianapolis, “Small-Town Sensationalism: Indiana Country Newspapers Cover the Queen of Assassins”

Thomas Schmidt, Oregon, “The Rediscovering Narrative: The Rise of Journalistic Storytelling in American Newspapers 1969-2000”

William Thomas Mari, Washington, “Reporters and Their Near Peers in the Newsroom, c. 1929-1960”

Meta G. Carstarphen, Oklahoma, “Colorful Historiographies: Theorizing the Role of Race, Ethnic Newspapers and the ‘Event’ in Challenging Universal Histories”

Kathryn J. Beardsley, Temple, “Children in Black and White: Depictions of Youth in the Black Press from 1910-1930”

Youn-Joo Park & Keith Greenwood, Missouri, “The Formation and Role of Community Newspaper Publishers: Missouri Papers in the Mid-Twentieth Century”

Matthew Pressman, Boston, “New Voices, New Views: How the Established Press Wrestled with Race, Gender, and Dissent in the 1960s and ‘70s”

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