35th Annual AJHA Convention
St. Petersburg  |   Oct. 6-8, 2016

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Media History and Social Change: Prizes, Cartoons, Magazines, and More
Williams/Demens Room

Moderator: Melita M. Garza, Texas Christian University

Jason Lee Guthrie and Janice Hume, Georgia, “We Shall Overcome: The Pulitzer Prize and the Civil Rights Movement”

James West, Manchester, “House for the Struggle: The Black Press and Black Media Architecture in New York and Chicago”

Travis R. Bell, South Florida, “Who Was Martin Chambers?: Examining Media Depiction of a Black Teenager’s Death in 1967”

Kimberley Mangun, Utah, “‘Montgomery is the Happiest City in the World’: How Almena Lomax Covered the Bus Boycott”

Pamela E. Walck, Duquesne, and Candi Carter Olson, Utah State, “‘Young Ladies, Now Take Warning’: Pearl Bryan’s Cautionary Tale in Newspapers and Song”

Christie Kleinmann, Belmont, “Villain or Hero: Colvard and the Erosion of the Unwritten Rules in College Basketball”

Ellen Gerl and David Forster, Ohio, “Journalism and Fast Cars: Denise McCluggage Writes and Drives Her Way into ‘Boys’ Club of Autoracing”

Linda Lumsden, Arizona, “Abolition: The Evolution of Social Movement Media from Edmund D. Morel to antislavery.org in the World’s Oldest Social Justice Movement”

Nathaniel Frederick and William Schulte, Winthrop, “HUMOR IN HUE: Gag Cartoons as Satire in Black World Magazine during the Black Arts Movement, 1970-1976”

Gerry Lanosga, Indiana, “The Dean, the Diplomat, and Democracy: Exporting American Values Through the Maria Moors Cabot Prizes in Journalism”

Malwina E. Lys-Dobradin, Columbia, “Karl Marx, New-York Daily Tribune Foreign Correspondent”

Storycraft and Media Processes: Vistas Over Three Centuries and Three Continents
St. Petersburg Ballroom III

Moderator: Ross Collins, North Dakota State University

Katherine Dunsmore, Fairleigh Dickinson, “Anthony Henry: Nexus of Community”

Michael Fuhlhage, Wayne State, “Actionable Fact and the Genesis of Objectivity in Nineteenth-Century Journalism”

William Thomas Mari, Northwest, “Cartoons in the Newsroom: 1920-1960”

Keith Greenwood, Missouri, “Times Change, But Do the Pictures?”

Cayce Myers, Virginia Tech, “Managing the ‘Prophecy of Wilson’: Carey T. Grayson’s Role in Crafting the Public Image and Memory of Woodrow Wilson, 1919-1921”

Madeleine Liseblad, Arizona State, “From Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Beyond: Frank N. Magid Associates’ Pivotal Role in the Privatization Process of European Television News Broadcasting”

Wallace B. Eberhard, Georgia (emeritus), “Pulitzer Prize Winner Turned Propagandist? The Korean War Ordeal of ‘Pappy’ Noel”

Nicholas Hirshon, William Paterson, “Phillies Jackpot Bowling (1959-1960): A Pioneer in Sports Television”

Daniel Marshall Haygood, Elon, “The Glasnost Bowl – The Best Sports Broadcasting Idea That Never Happened”

Susan E. Swanberg, Arizona, “Half Life: The New York Times’ William L. ‘Atomic Bill’ Laurence, Propagandist for the Atomic Age”

Kate McQueen, Illinois–Urbana-Champaign, “Zeppelin in the Arctic: How Mass Publishing Influenced Early Twentieth Century Scientific Exploration”

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