39th Annual AJHA Convention
Virtual Conference   |   Oct. 2-3, 2020

Convention contacts

Convention Coordinator
Caryl Cooper
University of Alabama

Registration Coordinator
Ken Ward
Lamar University

Program Coordinator
Mike Conway

Indiana University

AJHA Trivia Scavenger Hunt

Ten trivia questions about the American Journalism Historians Association will be posted over the course of the convention--five per day. All answers can be found on the website, though it might take some searching!

Stop by between sessions to see the latest question. Each question only will remain on the site until the next one is posted.

At the end of each day, send your answers for that day's questions to ajhaconvention@gmail.com with Scavenger Hunt in the subject line. The person who submits the most correct answers the fastest each day will win a personalized AJHA prize.

Congratulations to our winners!

Day 1: Ollie Gratzinger, Duquesne University
Day 2: Kim Mangun, University of Utah

Questions and Answers

Day 1

  1. What two Blanchard prize winners also have won the Book Award? Rick Popp and Mark Feldstein
  2. How many committees does the AJHA have? 15
  3. What cities have hosted more than one AJHA conference? Dallas, Salt Lake City, St. Paul
  4. What award did AJHA give Pem Farnsworth and why? Distinguished Service to Journalism History, for her role in the invention of television
  5. Who was AJHA’s first president? Donald Avery

Day 2

  1. What is the AJHA’s winter student conference called? Southeast Symposium
  2. What is the twitter handle for AJHA’s journal American Journalism? @ajmediahistory
  3. What year was AJHA founded? 1981
  4. Name the two members whose “Faculty Testimonials” appear on the website. Leonard Teel and Bernell Tripp
  5. What year did AJHA first have its “Women’s Lunch”, and what is it named now? 1986, Donna Allen Luncheon
Thanks to everyone who played!

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