41st Annual AJHA Convention
Memphis, Tennessee   |   Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2022

Convention contacts

Convention Coordinator
Caryl Cooper
University of Alabama

Registration Coordinator

Patti Piburn

California Polytechnic State University

Program Coordinator
Tracy Lucht
Iowa State University

Convention hosts

Dianne Bragg

University of Alabama 

Robby Byrd
University of Memphis

Joe Hayden

University of Memphis

Jane Marcellus

Former professor at Middle Tennessee State University

Conference Sponsor

Conference Program 

Questions about the program should be directed to 2nd Vice President Tracy Lucht.

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Wednesday, September 28

1:30 p.m. Board of Directors meeting, Memphis

2 - 6 p.m. Conference Registration, Mezzanine 

6 p.m. American Journalism Editorial Advisory Board meeting, Memphis 

Thursday, September 29

7:30-8:30 a.m. Breakfast Buffet, Heritage Foyer 

8 a.m. to noon Conference Registration, Mezzanine

8:30-9:30 a.m. Welcome and President’s Address, Heritage II and III

Aimee Edmondson, Ohio University, AJHA President, 2021-2022

9-10 a.m.  Coffee and Hot Tea Service, Heritage Foyer

9:40-10:40 a.m. Choice of Two Simultaneous Sessions

PAPER SESSION: Propaganda, Politics, and Popular Media

Heritage I 

Moderator: Erin Coyle, Temple University


Stephen Siff, Miami University of Ohio, “Expanding the Victory of Prohibition: Richmond P. Hobson's Freelance Public Relations Crusade Against Narcotics, 1923-1937”

Gregory Svirnovskiy, Northwestern University, and Jon Marshall, Northwestern University, “‘Tin Cans and String’: Democratic Party Attempts to Challenge Conservative Talk Radio from 1994 to 1996”

Jason Lee Guthrie, Clayton State University, “Poor Man's Copyright: Intellectual Property and Cultural Depictions of the White Working Class in American Popular Music”

PANEL DISCUSSION: Historical Reflections on the Integration of Ole Miss   


MODERATOR: Erika Pribanic-Smith, University of Texas-Arlington


  • Kathleen Wickham, University of Mississippi 
  • Marquita Smith, University of Mississippi

10:50-11:50 a.m. Choice of Two Simultaneous Sessions

PAPER SESSION: Racism, Nationalism, and Social Change During World War II

Heritage I 

Moderator: Jinx Broussard, Louisiana State University


Laura Franklin, University of Southern Mississippi, “The 1939 NYC Bund Rally: How One Pro-Nazi Event Ignited America's Devotion to Democracy”

Gwyneth Mellinger, James Madison University, “Indicting the Black Press: Securing Racial Boundaries During World War II”

William Anderson, Elon University, “How the War Refugee Board Used Public Relations in an Attempt to Change Attitudes About European Jews During World War II”

PANEL SESSION: Teaching History that Matters, Outside of the Box   


Moderator: Jason Lee Guthrie, Clayton State University


  • Janice Hume, University of Georgia
  • Dianne Bragg, University of Alabama
  • Michael Fuhlhage, Wayne State University
  • Bailey Dick, Bowling Green State University   

12-1:30 p.m.   Sidney Kobre and Teaching Awards LuncheonHeritage II and III

2 to 5 p.m. Conference Registration, Mezzanine

1:40-2:40 p.m. Choice of Two Simultaneous Sessions

PAPER SESSION: Myth and Ideology in Nineteenth-Century Journalism

Heritage I 

Moderator: Erika Pribanic-Smith, University of Texas at Arlington


Michael Fuhlhage, Wayne State University, “Pathfinder for Manifest Destiny: A Boston Correspondent's Representation of Mexicans in the Borderlands, 1857-1860”

W. Joseph Campbell, American University, “‘Proto-pack journalism’ in Gettysburg's Aftermath: Parsing the Extravagant Claims of the Confederacy's ‘Greatest’ War Correspondent”

Ken Ward, Pittsburg State University, and Aaron Atkins, Weber State University, “‘Too Infernally Scientific’: John Wesley Powell and News Framing of Climate Policy in the Nineteenth-Century Press”

PANEL DISCUSSION: Hollering in the Broadcast Wilderness: Black Radio in the Deep, Deep South, 1940-1979    


Moderator: Caryl Cooper (emerita), University of Alabama


  • Earnest Perry, University of Missouri

  • Cathy M. Jackson, Norfolk State University
  • Marquita Smith, University of Mississippi
  • Lillie Mae Fears, Arkansas State University    

2-3 p.m. Coffee and Hot Tea Service, Heritage Foyer

2:50-3:50 p.m. President's Panel, Nashville

This session brings together a diverse group of noted scholars to discuss incorporating theory and interdisciplinary insights into the study of media history, offering concrete examples of how we might look outside of our field for ways to better understand our own research questions and help formulate new ones. This panel is designed to help attendees think more about the bigger “so what” in their research and how it fits into a broader body of knowledge beyond media history. This could include social and cultural history, legal history, and book history as well as a wide range of theoretical and conceptual frameworks to aid our study of communication and journalism in democratic societies. Panelists’ work suggests other historical forces and conceptual frameworks that help provide fuller, more viable explanations to substantive questions throughout American history.


  • Carolyn Kitch, Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication. 
  • Michael Stamm, Michigan State University 
  • Melissa Greene-Blye (Miami Tribe of Oklahoma), University of Kansas William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications
  • Jared Nally (Miami Tribe of Oklahoma), graduate student, Miami University (Ohio) 

4-5:15 p.m.  Local Panel, Nashville

  The Teen Appeal: How the Commercial Appeal, the University of Memphis, and Memphis City Schools Partnered to Publish a Citywide High School Newspaper

Moderator: Dianne Bragg, University of Alabama, former Teen Appeal coordinator


  • Otis Sanford, University of Memphis, Daily Memphian columnist
  • April Thompson, Grizzlies Prep Charter School, former Teen Appeal student staff member 
  • Tyrone (Tony) Reed, podcast host, producer, and author, former Teen Appeal student staff member
  • Marcus Matthews, Memphis City Schools, former Teen Appeal student staff member
  • Caleb Calhoun, USA Today and FanSided, former Teen Appeal student staff member 

5:30-7:30 p.m. AJHA Awards ReceptionMagnolia Room 

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Friday, September 30

7:30-8:30 a.m. Breakfast Buffet, Heritage Foyer

8-11:30 a.m. Conference Registration, Mezzanine

8:40-10 a.m. Choice of Two Simultaneous Sessions

Heritage I 

PAPER SESSION: Confronting Culture: Women’s Experiences and Responses to Patriarchy

Moderator: Tracy Lucht, Iowa State University


Claire Rounkles, University of Missouri, “‘Am I Not Woman Enough?’: The Use of Black Feminism Methodology in Historical Analysis—a Case Study of Tennessee Mainstream Newspapers’ Reaction to Ida B. Wells's Anti-Lynching Campaign from 1893 to 1894”

Katherine Dawson, Temple University, “‘So as to Be Heard’: Women and Voice Culture in the American Belle Epoque Periodical”

Madeleine Liseblad, California State University, Long Beach, and Thomas Mascaro (emeritus), Bowling Green State University, "‘Tree Rings’ of Journalism History: NBC Trade Releases Document the Hostile Climate for Women in the Sixties”

Ashley Walter, Utah State University, "‘It was Time that Turned Me into a Radical’: Newswomen and the Fight for Equality at Time Inc., 1970s”

PANEL DISCUSSION: American Journalism: Special Issue on Investigative Reporting    


Moderator: Nicholas Hirshon, William Paterson University    


  • W. Joseph Campbell, American University    
  • Dwight Chapin, appointments secretary for President Richard Nixon    
  • Mark Feldstein, University of Maryland   
  • Gerry Lanosga, Indiana University    

9:30-10:30 a.m. Coffee and Hot Tea Service, Heritage Foyer

10:10-11:25 a.m.  Margaret A. Blanchard Dissertation Prize, Nashville

Moderator: Dale Zacher, St. Cloud State University

Winner: Meghan Menard McCune, dissertation completed at Louisiana State University

Director: John Maxwell Hamilton

“‘At the Service of the Government’: American Journalists in the Great War and the Agent Model of Government-Press Relations”

Honorable Mention: Bailey Dick, dissertation completed at Ohio University

Director: Aimee Edmondson

“Historicizing #MeToo: The Systemic Devaluation of First-Person Accounts of Gender-Based Violence by the News Industry”

11:35 am-12:40 p.m. Donna Allen Roundtable LuncheonMagnolia

1-4 p.m.  Historic Tour of National Civil Rights Museum At The Lorraine Hotel 

Meet in hotel lobby at 1 p.m.

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Saturday, October 1

7-8 a.m. Breakfast Buffet, Heritage Foyer

8:10-10 a.m. Choice of Two Research-in-Progress Sessions

(Re)presentation Matters: Practices and Portrayals in Journalism and Culture

Heritage I 

Moderator: Pam Parry, Southeast Missouri State University


Pamela Walck, Duquesne University, “A Different Kind of ‘Stunt Journalism’: Ray Sprigle, the Pittsburgh Courier, and Passing as a Black Man in the Jim Crow South”

Patrick Walters, Washington and Lee University, “Social Media & Police Shootings: Considering the Ferguson Protests as a 'Critical Incident' that Transformed Journalism"

Ashley Walter, Utah State University, and Karlin Andersen, Pennsylvania State University, “Portrayals of Newswomen in U.S. Film”

Dana Dabek, Temple University, Remembering the Flawed and Famous: How Journalists Address Sexual Misdeeds When Memorializing Male Icons”

Eric Boll, Ohio University, “The Underreporting of the 2007 Chinese Anti-Satellite Missile Test by Major American Newspapers

Ali Noor Mohamed, United Arab Emirates University, “Charles Sumner and the Crafting of a New Public Morality on Race in the 19th Century”

George L. Daniels, University of Alabama, “When Mary, MaryAnn and Marion Lead

A.J. Bauer, University of Alabama, “Right-Wing, Hyper-Local: The Birmingham Independent’s Conservative News”

Charles Lewis, Minnesota State University-Mankato, "Picturing the War: The U.S. Government’s Use of Photographs During World War I"

Thomas Mascaro, Bowling Green State University, “Academic ‘Imperialism’ in Journalism and Mass Communication: The Glacial Pursuit of Rampant Authoritarianism under the Guise of Critiques of Power”

Will Mari, Louisiana State University, and Caitlin Cieslik-Miskimen, University of Idaho, “Community Journalism and Newsroom Computerization”

Influential Ideas, Vital Voices, Freedom Fighters: Expanding the Narrative of Media History


Moderator: Pete Smith, Mississippi State University


Daniel Haun, Samford University, and Nia Johnson, Samford University, “Finding the Balance: Examining Paradigm Shifts in Journalism Curricula”

John Ferré, University of Louisville, “Religion in American Newsreels, 1935-1951”

Adam Schutz, Ohio University, “Beyond Nellie Bly: Undercover Reporting in Insane Asylums at the End of the 19th Century”

Jason Lee Guthrie, Clayton State University, “Recorded History: Physical Albums, Material Culture, and Ritual Economy in Popular Music”

LaTonya Taylor, University of Alabama, “‘The Voice of the Black Students Here’: The Black Chronicle as a Window into a Transitional Period at the University of Alabama”

Dakotah Kennedy, Northeastern University, “Lost but not Forgotten: 90 Years Later, the Atlanta Daily World Kept the Strickland Women Alive”

Claire Rounkles, University of Missouri, and Earnest Perry, University of Missouri, “Defiance of One Man: How the Atlanta Daily World Reported on the Denial of Julian Bond’s Elected Representative Seat in 1966”

Rusudan Vashakidze, University of Georgia, Tbilisi, “Freedom of Press Under Attack: Georgia’s Case, the Road from Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company to Mtavari TV Channel”

Erin Coyle, Temple University; Elisabeth Fondren, St. John’s University; and Annette Masterson, Temple University, “Conceptualizing Press Freedom in Latin America and the Caribbean: Exploring Metajournalistic Discourse from Sigma Delta Chi in 1960s”

Daniel Haygood, Elon University, “Black College Football’s Moment: The Story of the Grambling Football Network”

Denise Hill, Elon University, “Public Relations, the NAACP and the Blinding of Sgt. Isaac Woodard”

Christopher Schaefer, University of Cambridge, “Race in the Washington Post Newsroom: A Longitudinal Case Study”

9-10:30 a.m. Coffee and Hot Tea Service, Heritage Foyer

10:10-11:40 a.m. General Business Meeting. Heritage II and III

11:50-1:20 p.m. Working Lunch (Officers/Board)

1:30-2:30 p.m. Book of the Year Award, Nashville

Moderator: Jane Marcellus, former professor, Middle Tennessee State University

Winner: Kathy Roberts Forde, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Sid Bedingfield, University of Minnesota, Journalism and Jim Crow: White Supremacy and the Black Struggle for a New America (University of Illinois Press)


  • Will Mari, Louisiana State University, The American Newsroom: A History, 1920-1960 (University of Missouri Press)
  • Elizabeth Findley Shores, Shared Secrets: The Queer World of Newbery Medalist Charles J. Finger (University of Arkansas Press)
  • Kim Todd, University of Minnesota, Sensational: The Hidden History of America's “Girl Stunt Reporters” (HarperCollins)

2-3:30 p.m. Coffee and Hot Tea Service: Heritage Foyer

2:40-4 p.m. Choice of Two Simultaneous Sessions

PAPER SESSION: Education, Advocacy, and Image Making in the Black Press

Heritage I 

Moderator: Cathy M. Jackson, Norfolk State University


George L. Daniels, University of Alabama, “Birthplace of HBCU Journalism Education: The Legacy of Missouri's Lincoln University”

Max Fuller, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Wielding the Blade: J. Anthony Josey, the Wisconsin Enterprise-Blade and the Construction of a Contemporary Black Political Identity”

Brian Carroll, Berry College, “The Answer Man, the Lawyer, and the Informant: Private Policing and Publicity in Black America, 1920-1960”

Cole Nelson, Indiana University, “From Report to Revolt: The Advocacy and Organization of the Inner City Voice

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Meet Us at the Corner Where Journalism, Race, and Gender Intersect


Moderator: Brooke Kroeger (emerita), New York University  


  • Jinx Broussard, Louisiana State University
  • Nathaniel Frederick, Winthrop University
  • Rachel Grant, University of Florida
  • Ben LaPoe, Ohio University
  • Cristina Mislán, University of Missouri
  • Gheni Platenburg, Auburn University 

4:10-5:10 p.m.   Choice of Two Simultaneous Sessions

PANEL DISCUSSION: Validating the Value of HBCU Newspapers in Journalism History and Media Industry Diversity: Four Perspectives    

Heritage I 

Moderator: Chalise Macklin, University of Memphis


  • Will Sites, Lincoln University of Missouri
  • Sheryl Kennedy Haydel, Loyola University New Orleans
  • Pamela E. Foster, Georgia State University
  • George L. Daniels, University of Alabama

PANEL DISCUSSION: Graduate Student Panel: How to Get Your Research to Work for You


Moderator: Cory MacNeil, University of Missouri


  • Claire Rounkles, University of Missouri
  • Jason Lee Guthrie, Clayton State University
  • Dana Dabek, Temple University

6 p.m. Gala Dinner 

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