41st Annual AJHA Convention
Memphis, Tennessee   |   Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2022

Convention contacts

Convention Coordinator
Caryl Cooper
University of Alabama

Registration Coordinator

Patti Piburn

California Polytechnic State University

Program Coordinator
Tracy Lucht
Iowa State University

Convention hosts

Dianne Bragg

University of Alabama 

Robby Byrd
University of Memphis

Joe Hayden

University of Memphis

Jane Marcellus

Former professor at Middle Tennessee State University

Conference Sponsor

 Historic Tour

Statue of Rosa Parks in the National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, Tennessee.

(Photo by Lieske Leunissen-Ritzen, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Friday, Sept. 30 ♦ Departing from hotel lobby at 1 p.m.

Additional charge

Tour of National Civil Rights Museum At The Lorraine Hotel (NCRM).

Although our usual custom for the historic tour is to visit two historical venues, this year’s tour will feature only one, the National Civil Rights Museum At The Lorraine Hotel (NCRM). There have been times when our members have expressed their desire to spend more time at one museum, rather than rush to another one. The Local Host Committee agreed that the NCRM is one of those museums where more time is needed to absorb the exhibit because it takes the average person close to three hours to complete the tour. Spending that much time at one museum would leave very little time to travel to and enjoy another one. 

Here’s the itinerary: We will meet in the hotel lobby from 1-1:15 p.m. A bus will make loops from the hotel to the museum.  A ticket will be purchased for you when you arrive at the museum; you will not be given a ticket in advance. You can tour the museum on your own or with friends.

The AJHA tour will abide by the CDC’s recommendations for travel in public transportation conveyances and transportation hubs. The CDC continues to recommend that people wear masks over the nose and mouth in indoor public transportation conveyances (such as buses and trolleys) at this time. 

COVID_19 safety measures for the museum:

*Face masks are strongly recommended inside the museum.

*Guests should keep a safe distance.

*Signage and floor markings have been installed to help maintain social distancing six feet apart.

*Hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the museum.

*Regular disinfection and frequent sanitization of exhibits and high-touched areas is conducted throughout the day.

The National Civil Rights Museum reserves the right to inspect all guest packages, purses, backpacks, fanny packs and other bags prior to entering the museum.

At 4 p.m., Dianne Bragg will lead a group of members on a short walk from the museum to Central BBQ, a well-known restaurant located behind the museum. Those that don’t want to go to Central BBQ will be returned to the Sheraton.

At 5:30 p.m. the bus will return to the museum and Central BBQ, and return members to the hotel. If you’re still in the mood to experience more of what makes Memphis special, you can stay downtown and walk two blocks to the South Main Arts District for South Main Trolley Night.


 On the last Friday of every month, Memphis celebrates South Main Trolley Night in the South Main Arts District. Launched in 2000, Trolley Night gets the entire neighborhood buzzing with activity and is consistently one of the most popular events in Downtown Memphis. Art galleries, shops, restaurants, and bars open their doors to the public, and feature live music and dance performances. This family-friendly event has something for everyone. It begins at 6 p.m. and ends around 9 p.m. If you’re leaving from the Sheraton, take the Main Street Trolley located outside the hotel to the last stop and have fun. To return to the hotel, take the Main Street Trolley back to the Sheraton by 9 p.m. Make sure you have a $1 bill for each trip. Keep in mind that Memphis is a large city with a lot of people. Please travel in groups and leave no AJHAer behind.  

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