Proposed Constitution and Bylaws Amendments

17 Jul 2019 10:48 AM | Erika Pribanic-Smith (Administrator)

The AJHA Board of Directors is proposing two amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws related to the planning of the organization’s annual national and regional conferences. The first formalizes the ad-hoc committee charged with planning the student-focused Southeast Symposium, while the second outlines the duties of the Local Hosts who assist with the national conference. [To review the current Constitution and Bylaws, see the Members Only page (login required).]

One or two representatives have been responsible in the past for planning the Southeast Symposium, held each winter in Florida. At the 2017 Board of Directors meeting, Symposium representative Dianne Bragg outlined a plan for expanding the symposium to draw more participants. Part of the plan was to make a committee consisting of faculty members who regularly attend the symposium. The board voted to create an ad-hoc committee, chaired by Bragg and Debra van Tuyll, and submit a constitutional amendment making it a permanent committee.

Therefore, the board proposes adding the following to Section 4.06 of the constitution, which lists all AJHA committees and their charges. The formatting of this new entry would be consistent with other committees listed in the section.

(n) Southeast Symposium. This committee will plan the annual Southeast Symposium, including setting dates, securing a location, and crafting the program.

At the 2018 Board of Directors meeting, then Long Range Planning Chair David Vergobbi reported on the work the Long Range Planning committee had undertaken for the previous two years to formally outline the duties of the local hosts for the national convention and make those duties publicly available so that future hosts will have access to them well in advance of beginning their planning. The board approved the Long Range Planning Committee’s request to propose an addendum to the Constitution and Bylaws listing the local host duties.

The board voted to add the following sentence to Bylaws Article 8, Section (a), which outlines the duties of the Convention Chair: See Addendum A for a full explanation of local host duties and responsibilities.

The following then would be added to the end of the Constitution and Bylaws as Addendum A:

AJHA Convention Host(s) Duties & Responsibilities

This is to serve as a guide when deciding to be the host for the annual AJHA convention. The actual legwork of getting hotel bids is the responsibility of the convention committee chair and the convention administrator. They will submit request for proposals (RFP) to the area hotels and be the contact persons for the hotels and Helms Briscoe (meeting and conference consultant). The convention chair will also arrange a trip to the host city for an overnight stay (usually one or two nights). This trip will be to visit hotels identified as suitable based on the RFP responses, meet and discuss the meeting with the local Convention and Visitors Bureau, and visit possible sites for the historic tour and gala dinner. Usually quite a bit of work is done in the short visit and the local host(s) is encouraged to participate in the meetings and site visits if possible.

The main responsibility of the local host(s) is to be the local host to the convention, serve as a point of contact for the convention committee chair and local vendors, to assist the committee chair and to provide:

1.       Obtaining Sponsors and contributors:  The local host is responsible for obtaining additional funding for the convention events and is encouraged to find sponsors in the area to help offset the costs incurred with the convention.  The sponsor/contributor is given credit for the hosting in the program, website and throughout the event. The following suggested levels are meant to be a guide in your fundraising efforts:

a.       Underwriting Welcome Reception--$5,000

b.       Underwriting History Tour--$3,000

c.       Underwriting Awards Lunch--$2,000

d.       Underwriting Allen Lunch--$1,000

e.       Saturday Gala Dinner--$5,000

f.        General Support--$500-$1,000

2.       Hotel services—It is extremely helpful to have a local host offer input in regards to hotels that may serve as suitable host hotels and areas of town that are most suited to the convention (restaurants/shops within walking distance). Assisting in this area will help the convention chair and administrator identify suitable hotels so RFPs can be submitted to the hotels. The first preference is for a historic hotel if possible. The committee chair will negotiate the contract, and follow up with meal and catering needs.

3.       Local History Tour:  The committee chair/convention administrator will negotiate the contracts, arrange for transportation and all other work associated with the Historic Tour. The main duty of the local host is to help facilitate the identification of a suitable tour site.(Friday afternoon, departure time from the hotel should be 30 minutes after the end of the Donna Allen Roundtable lunch). Tour should conclude by 5:30-6:00. These times are just guidelines for choosing the locales; the convention administrator will make all of the necessary arrangements once a venue has been selected. As a note, per feedback at previous conventions, Friday night is left open so members can have dinner on their own.

a.       Location Requirements:  A total of two to three historical sites within a short bus ride of each other make an ideal itinerary. The number of historical sites is usually determined by distance between the venues and the time required for travel to and from.  Following the tour members are free to have dinner on their own.

b.       Transportation Requirements:  Will this be a walking tour or will buses be needed, also what assistance will be needed for those with physical limitations?

4.       Saturday Night Gala Dinner (to be held offsite)

a.       Location requirements:  A nice restaurant within walking distance of the hotel with a private room that will accommodate approximately 80 people.

b.       Transportation requirements:  The restaurant should be no more than a 10-minute walk from the hotel.  Also transportation for members requiring assistance needs to be made available. We don’t want to have to use a bus for this meal unless there is sponsorship. Two buses for a group our size is between $1,500 to $2,000 EACH per round trip (even a short trip).

c.       Catering requirements:  The restaurant needs to be able to provide a plated full course dinner with salad, main course and sides, dessert, coffee, iced tea, plus a cash bar.  The restaurant needs to be able to meet special diet needs as well as gluten free, vegetarian and vegan menu selections. If more than 60 attend there will be a need for a second bartender.  Meal cost should total $50.00 per plate not include tax and gratuity. Usually the bartending charge is in addition to the meal charge. Again the actual meal selection will be done by the committee chair/administrator the prices are just a guide (don’t forget tax and tip will add a minimum of 27% -30% to the meal costs).

5.       Nominating and securing the Local Journalist awardee.

6.       Nominating and securing the Donna Allen Luncheon honoree and speaker.

7.       Identifying and arranging the Local Panel that precedes the Thursday Reception.

8.       Identifying a local printer for the printing of the conference program.

9.       Arranging for the transfer of AJHA’s projectors to the next local host.


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